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Welcome!  Congratulations on taking one of the most important steps of your life: earning your GED certificate.

Many people get their GED CERTIFICATE to obtain better job opportunities, to further their educational goals or to fulfill a personal goal.  Whatever your reason is for earning your GED certificate, we are here to help.

The General Education Development (GED) certificate is accepted by many institutions as an equivalent to a high school diploma.  Even though you have not finished high school, you have probably gained knowledge and skills through experience, reading, and informal training.  The GED tests are designed to measure the knowledge and skills, usually learned during four years of high school, which you may have obtained through different means.  Currently, the GED tests are available in English and Spanish.

The GED assesses your knowledge in four content areas:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  •  Social Studies
  •  Science
  • Mathematics




GED Testing Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9:30 am – 5 pm
CLOSED Fridays
Have questions? Contact us:
Telephone: 619-796-7010
Fax: 619-796-7011

Email: Sara.garcia-salgado@sweetwaterschools.org

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