The HiSET was approved by the State of California as one of three High School Equivalency Tests.  The HISET® exam, the new alternative to the GED® test, certifies a test taker’s attainment of academic knowledge and skills equivalent to those of a high school graduate.  You have the option to take the test on paper or computer.

Fees: (Cashier’s Check or money order only)

Bundle Package $150: This includes the state fee, a full battery (one test per subject) and one free retest per subject if needed.

Pay as you Go: Individual Tests are $25 each.  You must pay the $25 state fee with the initial test which totals $50 for your first payment.  No free retests are included.

Retest: $25 per test

*If you miss a scheduled appointment, you forfeit your fee and battery attempt.  If you are unable to take your test for a reason out of your control and can provide valid documentation, ETS will consider your request.

Registration Process:

You will need the following items when you register:

  1. Your valid government issued identification
  2. A cashier’s check or money order only made payable to Chula Vista Adult School.
  3. Your HiSET/E.T.S number.  Visit www.HiSET.ETS.org and create an account to obtain your number.

HiSET testing will vary month to month so please check our website for information on test days and times.



Test Time Questions Total




Reading 65 minutes 50 multiple choice 20 8
Writing 120 minutes 60 multiple choice

1 essay

20 8
Mathematics 90 minutes 55 multiple choice 20 8
Science 80 minutes 60 multiple choice 20 8
Social Studies 70 minutes 60 multiple choice 20




The highest possible score is 20 in each subject. 100 points possible for the entire exam.

You must meet the following 3 requirements to receive your HiSET Certificate:

  1. You must receive a passing score of 8 or higher on each test
  2. You must receive a 2 or higher on your essay.
  3. You must receive a combined score of 45 or higher.

Scores will be accessible through your HiSET account.

Paper-based scores are available approximately 10 days after your test date.   Computer-based scores will take about 1-2 days.

Due to the high volume of students, we will be unable to provide test scores at our center.

If you have any questions, you may contact ETS customer service at 1-855-694-4738.


 http://hiset.ets.org/test_takers (english)

http://hiset.ets.org/es/test_takers (espanol)