GED Test Score Information

The Enhanced Score Report from GED Testing Service provides targeted feedback for each test-taker so they know their strengths, what skills to develop, and how to score higher on their re-test

Benefits of the Enhanced Score Report

  • Most test-takers can access their score report in their MyGED® account within one hour of finishing the test
  • Identifies the specific skills the test-taker missed on the test
  • Provides test-takers with a personalized study plan and the specific pages or chapters they need to study to score higher
  • Test-takers can choose from more than a dozen study materials to customize their study plan
  • Easy to share with educators online or by printing the report
  • Free with every 2014 GED® test and GED Ready® practice test

Click here to watch a Video Tutorial that explains your scores and how to better prepare for the GED test

What your scores mean:

THE GED Scores range from 100 – 200

Below Passing: 100 – 144

Test taker did not pass and needs to study more and retake the test.

Passing Score: 145 

Test taker passed and showed the same skills as a graduating high school senior.

Passing Score with Honors: 170 – 200

Test-taker passed and showed the skills needed to be successful in college or a job (college-and-career-readiness level).


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