A GED Success Story

This page is dedicated to those who have successfully earned their GED Certificate. It demonstrates that people from different backgrounds, socioeconomic status and facets of life have their own personal reasons for attaining their GED certificate.

Sweetwater Union High School Community Members:

Joe Brosz, Principal at Otay Ranch High School

Jaime Mercado, former principal of San Ysidro Adult School; former Board Member of Sweetwater Union High School District

Daniela Amezquita, former SUHSD student

Daniela came to Sweetwater Adult Education in 2004. She completed the school’s orientation in December 2004 and enrolled in an Adult Basic Education class. She went on to earn her GED and graduated in November 2005.

The school’s college and career counselors helped her enroll in Southwestern College in 2006, where she is studying to be a marine biologist. At that time she currently worked at the National Oceanic and Artmospheric Administration (NOAH), as a biological technician.

Famous Celebrities

Peter Jennings, ABC news anchor

Chris Rock, comedian

Bill Cosby ,comedian

Cher, actress/musician

Christian Slater,Actor

Frank Sinatra singer, actor

John Travolta,actor, singer, dancer

More Celebrities

  • Hilary Swank, actress
  • George Harrison of The Beatles
  • Ringo Starr of The Beatles
  • Greg Mathis of “Judge Greg Mathis”
  • Dave Thomas, tycoon founder of Wendy’s restaurant
  • Avril Lavigne,musician
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  • Danica Patrick,Indy Car racecar driver
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  • Marylou Retton,Champion Gymnast
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